How COVID 19 Affected the Travel Industry | Our recent Trip to Boracay

“We had to let go of some of our employees~ Hotel Reception”

Last March 2-4, 2020, we were scheduled to visit Boracay- One of the famous beach in the Philippines, about 50mins flight via Manila to Caticlan Airport. Since Boracay has been closed and restored for a while, I and some of travel agency friends decided to go and visit the Island, this was my third time to experience the white and powdery sand of Boracay, I was there with my family few days before they will close it for rehabilitation [2018] and from my recent visit I can see improvement 🙂 No more people eating on the shoreline, no more drinking and partying that causes litter in the morning. I was with my Mother who is a first timer in Boracay and she can really tell why this island is one of the best in Asia and in the World.

Upon our Arrival at Caticlan Airport we already noticed people wearing mask,even my Mom had one and some were wearing gloves. Corona Virus is already spreading outside the Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Macau flights to Philippines had been cancelled. Around the island less tourist- mostly chinese and korean people visit Boracay, but I can attest that it made a huge difference from my last visit.

Our trip is not only for vacation or leisure, we were in Boracay to meet our suppliers- Hotels. We met around 10 hotel representative during the trip, did ocular inspection on rooms and facilities- check Boracay part on Destination tab of our Home page. Most of hotels offered discounted room rate due to this pandemic. What broke my heart is when almost all the hotel representative we met told us that they had to let go of some employees. Then I imagine, how about those people’s families? How can they survive, if you don’t have work then you don’t have salary. I feel really bad for them- I was crying inside, that is why during that trip we are posting photos that it is safe to travel to Boracay and hotels have this kind of promotions so people will be encourage to support local tourism since during that time going out the country is a little bit scary to our fellow travelers.

I didn’t see this coming.

They said Corona Virus will be trivial to tropical countries like the Philippines, so I thought we will be spared with all of this but I was wrong, this virus don’t pick place or people, no rich or poor. As positive cases are being present in the county, the Philippine Government decided to cancel all the flights in Metromanila and hits me there 🙁 because we see little hope in pursuing local tourism, now everything is shutdown.

One particular airline lost 100,000 seats every week due to this pandemic, one airline let go of 300 staff immediately. And even I lost 4 group departure Taiwan and Korea. If you think of this, Travel Industry is just one of many source of income of our Government- If you only think about tax. But Tourism plays a big role in our Economy. Each Airlines holds thousand of staff, in flight and ground personnel, count in those who work at the Airport for maintenance, the porters, cleaners, restaurant staff inside the Airport and more. It is actually a domino effect, since there will be no flight, travel agency like us no booking, hotel owners who also have employees, no reservations. Locals, who only earned in selling their staff will not have source of income, boatman and drivers, how can they feed their family? Really heart breaking. Traveling isn’t just a hobby, it serves a big part in our community. When you travel, you are helping the locals, and from the money they earned they can send their kids to school and bring food to their table. It’s not that much but the fact that they were able to sustain their daily living it’s enough for them.

In this situation, no one to blame. All of us who belong and live in the travel business are affected by this. But we are hopeful! We always see light in the darkness. Like the closure of Boracay back in 2018, let’s look at it as rehabilitation for World, maybe Earth needs a little break.

We may take a little time, but I assure you everything will be back to normal. Have FAITH! Continue to support our Government and Tourism, this virus will never stop us from traveling! I know! Some travels maybe just moved a little but it will never stop us from roaming the world and making great memories.

Have you been to places where visiting once is enough and second time will be just- nah!. I will tell you guys, if you want a perfect sunset and hangout in the beach and eat GREAT FOOD, Boracay is for you,as you might visit as often as you can without feeling- Nah! I’ve been there. The music, the vibe, people from all over the world, kids, adults, couple friends will definitely enjoy. And very safe, police are everywhere, friendly people and clean. I am considering going every year!

When everything settles, I hope you consider visiting Boracay or any part of the Philippines or any country that you’d love to visit. Remember on your every travel, you are helping a family and the community.

Please pray for our Government official, pray for the doctors, nurses and our frontliners. Pray for the world.

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