What is a Travel Agent?

Travel Agent is a person who is registered and has a direct access with Hotels, Airlines or Suppliers related to tours and travel.

Travel Agent helps you plan for your trip and make reservation, assessment and arrangement to your travel needs.

But did you know that Travel Agents will save you time and money in planning your next destination? Yes, because we have contacts and partners to that destination and everything will be easier for us to make arrangement. I know some of you may think ” I can always surf and look at the internet.” Sure, if you have the time, I do it too. But in travelling, time is money, Airfare can go Higher from the time you check and the time you decided and book. Hotels and Tours? Since we have direct contract with them, no need for you to worry if your room or tour is reserved.

“You earn from us, so that will add up the cost of out trip.” Yes, you are absolutely right, Travel Agency and Suppliers [Airlines, Hotel, Tours and Transportation] have a contract which entitled us LOWER RATE compare to PUBLISHED RATE. That is why sometimes, we can even give lower packages to you. There are cases that we are upgrading itineraries, my TEAM knew that! 🙂

We are a TEAM,Travel Agent and Travelers, you can always rely on us, even during the trip. Rebooking, Flight Cancellation, Adding baggage, Purchasing more attractions, we can always attend to your needs. And since we have the access, we can always be prompt. When you are overseas or in an Island,where the connection is hard, calling the Airlines or Hotel will be difficult, you can always depend on us.

I am hoping that this gives you idea when it comes to our duties and services that we offer, don’t hesitate to ask. ITS FREE!

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