Why we should travel?

” Traveling makes us Happy. And sometimes we need to go somewhere for us to find and define Happiness”

People nowadays travel at least once every year, it was so different back in the days. And everyone has their personal reason why they travel, but here’s some of the reason why you should.

Traveling gives you the insight of what the world is, kinda cheesy but its really true. I see traveling as a medium, but instead of watching or imagining it, you get to experience and live it. It is a learning opportunity for me, knowing other culture, language, how we are common and different from one another. Even if its a local province in the Philippines still in some part we are different.

Some people travel to relieve stress from work or school, especially these days where the competition is really high, stress level is over flowing and you are physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. People travel to relax and find inner peace, most of them go to the beach and have drinks, some go to hiking because reaching the top makes them feel better, especially the ravishing view that makes you want to stay and not come back to reality.

Trying to connect with someone, is one of the main reason, whether its for family, friends or couple. What I noticed with my clients who travel with their family, they really want a tour where the kids will enjoy as well, it is the way where the parents can have time to spend with their kids. Maybe because of the busy schedule of the parents from work and kids with their school, that is the only time they can bond. Me and my college friends on the other hand, we travel to catch up, from work, buhay-buhay (daily living) and of course college stories is a must. And as a Millennial we travel for photos, it does’t have to fancy, capturing things and places in different angles, where our creativity is showing off.

Not only you discover things from yourself, you get to learn from your companion, especially for couples. If you really want to know the person you are with now, travel with them, because in travelling you will find out how they really are as a person, like on how they interact and treat other people, its a plus for me when he is polite and not rude, it gives me insight on how he handles money, is he practical or thrifty, like of he demands a lot or impatient- no no. Traveling makes you realize life or living with that person, the future. Not only for couples, it applies with friendships as well.

Traveling is FUN! It should be. No office or school, no deadlines, just you as a human being. Lucky you, because these days, traveling is achievable for everyone its not that pricey. Lucky you, lucky us 🙂

Time is so precious, treasure it, spend it with the right people, with your family and love ones.

Let me know why you travel? Trying to get over from a break up? Finding your soul? There are more reasons, what’s yours?

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 I really see this travel industry as a medium for people to see what world can offer.

  2. Making connections to people all over the world is easily at the top of my list of why people should travel. You’ll make great friends from around the globe and you’ll get to see things from different perspectives. For mosy who ask why travel , seeing new places is very closely followed by the people you meet. You’ll keep in touch with them over time, and they might even let you stay at theirs the next time you get itchy feet! You ll have the opportunity to visit their home turf, to see their way of life like no other tourist would. They’ll want to show you their world, and luckily for you, you ll get to see it through the eyes of the locals. Just make sure to return the favour!

    1. This is very true 🙂 I met friends in my travels and through internet we still catch up. Its always fun meeting locals or help foreigners on their trip. Like what you said, returning the favor. This is what I always tell my friends.. be nice to people, because on the other side of the world there are Filipinos who are tourist as well and I want them to be treated right.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 I apologize for no update since 🙂

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